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Michael Collard Properties (MCP) is a commercial real estate development firm located in Winter Park (Central Florida) with projects throughout the Southeast US. We have a history of over 25 years developing successful commercial retail, mixed use-commercial and necessity-based real estate projects.

• MCP develops unique, purposeful properties and concepts that provide relevant, hands-on, authentic experiences to draw people into the properties themselves versus going online or to e-commerce sites.

• MCP is led by Michael Collard, a 35-year veteran of successful commercial retail development projects. Michael has a unique track record of finding solutions to problems that other developers can't solve, which he accomplishes in a thoughtful way to make projects work for our clients.

• We are also a commercial property investor with a keen eye attuned to developing opportunities specific to the community and current sustainable trends.


• Experiential Mixed-Use Commercial Development:  

This development  type provides memorable and interactive experiences that appeal to all five senses that one must touch and/or feel and experience in person! This includes lifestyle, recreation, office, entertainment, shopping, dining, services, and wellness components that we purposefully design to be e-commerce and Internet resilient. 

      Michael Collard Properties 

           Branded Concepts:

The Food Factory Foodie Collective -  A collection of 7 unique, chef owned micro-restaurants with full kitchens surrounded by The Factory Bar, an industrial "factory chic" craft cocktail bar. This will be the hub of Oviedo with a 20' covered canopy for outside dining along with inside dining in The Factory Bar.  Outside open courtyard for games, dogs and kids.  Space for small or large private events.

City Place - Luxury Live/Work Townhomes with ground floor workspace, townhome, 2-car garage and 1 bed apartment.

Full Service Retail Commercial Development - Properties centered on grocery stores, pharmacies and other necessity-based providers.

Build-to-Suit Program - From site selection to construction/ build based on customer need.

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For over 30 years, Michael Collard Properties has developed outstanding, successful commercial projects. Our business philosophy is that of honesty, integrity and transparency.   

Our founder, Michael Collard, is an expert in commercial real estate who has withstood the ups and downs in the industry.  He is a visionary, master problem solver and deal maker who has surrounded himself with a unique team of creative, strategic and construction/engineering-forward thinkers. 

• Our  team of experts in their fields work together for the best end result for our clients. 

• MCP succeeds by anticipating relevant trends, developing creative concepts and solutions, managing timelines and budgets, and executing on complex development projects with superior service unlike any other commercial real estate development firm.

Experience the Michael Collard Properties difference for yourself!






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