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Mixed-use development is a specialty of Michael Collard Properties (MCP). We are experts in making communities better by purposefully developing properties for each particular community. Our goal for a successful development project is that it becomes a destination for experiences including townhome development, dining, services, fitness, and entertainment along with cultural and institutional uses. Our projects are well-planned and executed so that our developments integrate those functions to provide walkability to homes, office/workplaces, and amenities, helping to foster strong neighborhoods and community.


Our mixed-use developments are often strategically placed in densely-packed areas located close to schools, hospitals, necessity based businesses and parks, providing a central home base with easy access to a number of amenities. MCP sees mixed-use as an urban development strategy for living/housing and work spaces serving the community to foster greater social interaction. We help to provide an integrated communal and social setting that blends residential and commercial retail. 

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