Current Main Mixed-Use Project - OVIEDO ON THE PARK

Oviedo's New Downtown, Oviedo on the Park is located from the NE Corner of City Plaza Way to Oviedo Blvd. on E Mitchell Hammock Road just east of SR 434 in the city of Oviedo, FL. It is a highly walkable, mixed-use community consisting of 775 multi-family homes with two luxury apartment complexes, Center Lake Park, City Community Center, City Ampitheatre & Cultural Center, Children's Splash Park, Dog Park, and walking trails. 


MCP purchased the remaining land in September, 2018 and is currently developing Phase II of the remaining parcels in keeping with the vision of the City's high standard of quality. We are now adding the lifestyle, recreation, entertainment, shopping, dining, office, wellness and health components that will serve the community.


Development components include:

  • Lot 4 (Mitchell Hammock Frontage) - Fitness, Services and Dining

  • Experience Row - Experiential Retail

    • The Food Factory - a high end, chef-driven food hall 

    • The Factory Bar - a unique craft cocktail bar 

    • Brewhouse Restaurant with rooftop terrace, which will be the City's first rooftop bar/restaurant

  • {breathe} Wellness Village - A unique Wellness Village, which will house office space above the retail wellness on the ground floor. 


See more below and on associated pages.

EXPERIENCE ROW   (Think - Participation Retail)

Experience Row's "Experiential" Shops:

  • Craft Brewery with Brewery Tours (Check out the rooftop overlooking the lake!)

  • Art/Craft/Painting Experiential Workshops (Spots Available for lease)

  • Dog Grooming and Treats

  • The Food Factory - Upscale, chef-driven Food Hall with 8 chef-driven upscale micro-restaurants with full kitchens

  • The Factory Bar - Distillery inspired craft cocktails, beer and wine in an "Industrial Factory Chic" setting with an event space for game night, parties and other social gatherings

  • In addition, there will be:

    • Covered courtyard for outdoor dining

    • Open courtyard for games, dogs and kids

    • Weekly events and activities such as game night, live music, movie night, trivia night, date night, yoga in the courtyard and more

    • The outside areas of Experience Row will all be dog friendly!

The Food Factory   (Think - The Best Food Hall Yet)

The Food Factory concept is the brainchild of Michael Collard Properties. It is our unique take on the food hall trend, developed to foster social and communal interaction as well as offer chef-driven, high caliber fast-fine dining options in a mixed-use community destination.


All of The Food Factory concepts are being developed for their particular demographic community and locale/landscape. Each of the unique The Food Factory locations will bring together hand selected artisanal local and International imaginative food options run by local chefs who are"the best of the best".

The Factory Bar will be an exciting component in each of The Food Factory locations offering craft cocktails, beer and wine.  Each will have a uniquely designed one-of-a-kind"factory themed" space.

The Factory Bar   (Think - Distillery Crafted Cocktails)

The Factory Bar will be the jewel centerpiece in each of The Food Factory concepts.  Each location will feature imaginative, distillery-inspired craft cocktails along with a selection of craft beer and wine in a unique “factory chic” setting.  Each of The Food Factory and The Factory Bar locations will be thoughtfully designed, keeping the make up and history of the local community in mind for each one-of-a-kind themed concept.

{breathe} Think - Whole Body Wellness 


{breathe} Wellness Village is Michael Collard Properties' branded concept of creating a communal, yet e-commerce/Internet resistant and sustainable Wellness Village. 


Unlike a typical medical office building, this central location within a mixed-use community will be comprised of well-designed aesthetically pleasing spaces housing high caliber caregivers and wellness-focused businesses offering services to help residents and visitors achieve whole person peak wellness care at one destination.

Oviedo on the Park is uniquely suited to be the first {breathe} Wellness Village location because of its beautiful surroundings with an on-site lake, splash pad, walking trails and dog park, all of which lend to a community focused on wellness - {breathe}.

Full Service Development

Michael Collard Properties is a full service commercial retail developer. One specialization is developing necessity-based properties throughout the Southeast US including retail properties centered on grocery stores, pharmacies and other necessity-based providers.


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We are also property investors with a keen eye attuned to taking advantage of trends and finding unique development opportunities..

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